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Type DSL, Horizontal / Down Flow Separators (Excellent When Used As Rough Natural Gas Separators)

Didion Separator has been providing high quality air, steam and natural gas separators with high operational efficiency and superior customer service to its clients for many years. We at Didion Separator take every effort to manufacture our Type DSL separators to meet your requirements and expectations in terms of quality, efficiency, and durability.

Our standard models are excellent when used as natural gas separators for rough separation at industrial wells. We also provide customized units for applications that require a finer more efficient separation of the gas in pipelines. Standard units have a separation efficiency of 99% of droplets 10 microns and larger. Our technological expertise along with in-depth market experience of horizontal and vertical flow in-line separators has helped us to establish a highly respected name in the market.

Diverse and Beneficial Features of Type DSL (Air, Steam and Natural Gas Separators)

Didion Separator stands apart as a provider of high-quality air, steam and natural gas separator equipment for the following reasons:

  1. Our separators utilize inertia and centrifugal forces to perform the separation process.
  2. Because the flow is put into a spinning motion in our separator, the internal separation elements are self-cleaned. Hence, our elements do not plug up, lose efficiency nor increase in pressure drop, unlike the commonly marketed vane elements.
  3. Our separators are designed to be compact, lightweight, and do not make excessive noise during the separation process.
  4. Our separators come standard with internal elements made of 304 stainless steel. Other alloys available upon request.
  5. Our durable and robust units can withstand harsh conditions without the internal elements plugging or cracking.
  6. We specialize in custom high pressure air, steam and natural gas separator units. At the same time, we have standard pressure units that are rated as follows:
    • 150# units are designed for 150 psig @ 500° F.
    • 300# units are designed for 500 psig @ 650° F.
  7. We offer our air, steam and natural gas separators for sale in a variety of alloys upon request.
  8. Our air, steam and natural gas separator designs are fully tested, inspected, and certified to ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1, and can be certified to other global standards.
  9. Our standard separators operate efficiently when operated between 25% to 125% of flow design.

What is a Natural Gas Separator?

Natural gas separators are used to segregate impure liquids and compounds from the gas. This is done so that the gas will be suitable for industrial use. The natural gas separator design removes impure compounds that are found within the natural gas when it is unearthed. A few examples of these impurities include:

  • Helium
  • Nitrogen
  • Water Vapor
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Semi-liquid hydrocarbons (butane, ethane pentane, etc.)

This is performed to ensure that the final product is pure and meets the quality standards of the O&G industry and distribution companies.

How does it Work?

As we have previously mentioned, our natural gas separator equipment perform the separation process using inertia or centrifugal forces. The information below can help you understand more about the separation process:

  • The unearthed gas passes into the separator via the inlet and into the cyclone element area.
  • The separator element causes the optimal centrifugal force by spinning the gas at just the right velocity. The spinning helps separate the gas from the entrainment (impure compounds).
  • The entrainment is then drained from the separator. The clean gas is passed through the exit outlet and back into the flow line.

We at Didion Separator offer natural gas separators designed to provide excellent performance in terms of product quality, process efficiency, and sustained service. Feel free to Contact us to discuss your moisture from gas separation requirements with us.