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Didion Separator - Steam / Moisture Separator Manufacturer

Supplying Solution Driven Industrial Separators for Gas, Steam, and Air Applications

The Didion Separator Company is a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of industrial separators. As a division of Didion's Mechanical, we specialize in designing and manufacturing different types of industrial steam separators, moisture separators, and critical vessel components. Since our inception in 1977, we cater to various industries that require efficient and performance driven separators for industrial applications.

What We Offer

Didion Separator products are designed to meet intricate gas, steam and air applications. Our range of products comprises:

  • Type DSL, Horizontal or Down Flow Separators (Excellent for rough separation of natural gas.)
  • Type DST, Horizontal Flow Separators (Gas Liquid Separators that can handle a large volume of liquid.)
  • Type DSU, Up Flow Separators
  • Flash Recovery Vessels
  • Industrial Stack Exhaust Heads
  • Geothermal Steam Scrubbers, Demisters, Separators
  • Custom designed separators to handle your unique flow and separation requirements.

While this is our primary product line, our parent company, Didion's Mechanical, provides custom product solutions in terms of pressure vessel design and manufacturing.

How You Can Benefit From Our Products

By using our well designed gas and liquid separation products, you will have higher quality end product, less maintenance, increased efficiency and greater longevity of equipment.

  • Our moisture separators are designed to protect gas and steam pipelines and equipment from external and internal contaminants, eliminating 99% of entrainment. Custom designs are available for increased efficiencies.
  • Our steam / moisture separator design is compact, and utilizes centrifugal force for separation. This design is self-cleaning and will maintain efficiencies unlike the commonly marketed vane bundles.
  • Our products provide ease of installation and require minimal maintenance.
  • Didion Separator products are certified and stamped to ASME Sect. VIII, Div. 1. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
    • If required we can design and stamp your separator to ASME Sect. VIII, Div. 2 or 3.
    • If required we can certify your separator to the European P.E.D., and stamp with “CE” stamp.

Although we have our standard models, we also provide custom products to customers who require specialized solutions. We can design and manufacture our products in a variety of alloys according to your specifications. We will export separators to offshore clients in various countries.

Didion Separator is a premier steam separator manufacturer in USA. Please take the time to peruse our website. If you would like to make enquiries about a product, you can simply click on the Request for Quote available on every page. If you would like to speak to a Didion Separator representative, please feel free to contact us via telephone at(419) 483-2226, or email us at sales@didionseparator.com.

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